Cheap an expensive mistake?

Cowboy builders are a very real issue but are some homeowners contributing to this problem?


Before you engage any builder, decide first, if you want a botched job or that things are done properly? Your renovation project is only as good as your builder!
However, sometimes a bad job can be as much the fault of the overly thrifty homeowner…as it is a cowboy builder cutting corners!

At MH Construction, when we get asked to do a quote, we always attend and asses the situation first. Sadly later, we sometimes get a call back from an unhappy homeowner once they receive our written quote! Not something we relish!

We are given feedback like this:

“Well I had another quote and that builder said he could fix the damp by just painting on some special stuff and his quote was far cheaper than your’s and didn’t mention the leaking gutter”.

At MH Construction, we attend and if the issue is, say damp, we look for the cause and remedy both the cause and the damp patch that has followed. It’s a false economy to just paint ‘something’ over the damp without addressing the cause not to mention, very bad practice!

We will refuse jobs where a homeowner insists on such a shortcut as our reputation is important to us and we also know, that the homeowner will down the line realise that the ‘botch’ doesn’t remedy the problem and complain bitterly.

If you don’t fix the original problem causing the damp, it will return and may well cause additional damage to your home in the process and will often end up a very costly mistake on your part.

Whilst the ‘other’ builders quote may have been cheaper in this fictitious case, as he did not notice or care that your leaking gutter had caused your damp issue and had not quoted to replace and or repair your guttering, we will.

We refuse to botch things up for now, as we take pride in our work and do things properly. For this reason, we don’t have customers call us up down the line saying the job we’ve done was a bad one!

By all means, as with any quote for anything, ask questions, ask why something you were not expecting to get done, needs doing but also be realistic and realise a problem will not go away for long if an inadequate ‘quick fix’ is applied at your insistence.

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