Cold Snap Help

Boiler not working? You could have a frozen condensate pipe!

This is the small white or grey plastic pipe that sticks out of your property behind the boiler.
This pipe removes water from the boiler. 

If this pipe freezes you might find your boiler stops


Insulating this pipe or keeping the heating on constantly, even at A low temperature,
can help prevent this pipe freezing in the first place.

If you find that during this cold snap your pipe freezes, you might not need to call a heating
engineer out right away! Try this first…

  • Step 1: Get some warm, not boiling water
    Step 2: Slowly pour the warm water over the exposed pipe
    Step 3: Repeat if the pipe is still frozen
    Step 4: Check to see if your boiler will now fire up

If the boiler doesn’t come back on, call an expert!

How To bleed your radiators!

If your radiators feel cold but the boiler is working then it might be time to bleed your radiators. Bleeding your radiator will release air from the system. Trapped air will cause cold spots and ultimately make the radiator less efficient. Trapped air just happens over time and it can be a good idea to check your radiators for trapped air yearly.

Step 1: Switch your heating off
Step 2: Use a radiator key, turn the valve on the side of the radiator, usually near the top
(can be purchased for a pound in most DIY stores.)
Step 3: Listen for a hissing sound which is the air being released!
Step 4: When the hissing stops, a liquid will come out and its time to close the valve
Step 5: Turn your heating on again, when the radiators are fully heated check for cool spots
and repeat if needed.

If you still have a problem, call an expert.

What to do if a pipe burst on you?

If you find yourself with a burst pipe follow the below steps to help limit the damage.

  • Step 1: Turn off the water supply at the stopcock
    Step 2: Open all taps to reduce flooding risk and additional damage
    Step 3: Block off the escaping water with thick towels/buckets (you may even be able to divert
    the water outside using a garden hose) to stop other rooms from flooding
    Step 4: Once the taps run dry turn them all off until the pipework is repaired

Call an expert right away!

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