Don’t move extend!

So you need more space and think your only option is to move house? 

Like most of us, you found that by the time you pay estate agency fees, legal fees, stamp duty, not to mention removal costs and buying new furniture as current items don’t fit the space in the new house your looking at £10-15000 even if you buy an identical house to what you have now!
Just thinking about keeping the family home looking like a showroom as you waste hours doing all those house viewings is enough to make any normal person brake out into a cold sweat!

There may be a better option for you… have you thought about a loft extension, conservatory or extension
at ground level if space permits?

According to Nationwide and on the market dot com, this would add an average of 21% to the value of your property. MH Construction know the property market pretty well however in Kent, and we would say the figure for this area is nearer a whopping 30% added value to your Kent home should you decide to sell later but in the meantime, you can obtain the much-needed space for your ever-growing family without the hassle and wasted money of selling your home, finding and buying a new one and uprooting the family to move. Not forgetting having to pack up everything you own in boxes, stressed pets, changing schools and Doctors, all very stressful!

Contact MH Construction instead, we can advise you on loft extensions, conservatories, Orangery’s, garages, carports even or a straight forward first-floor extension.

We can make the whole process easy for you from planning to the final build.
Free quotes at a time to suit you.

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