Quote For Trump

Dear Mr Trump,
Please find your quote for the wall build. Please view the following link to a smaller scale wall that we have already built here 

Whilst not as large in scale as the wall you require, the principle is the same. References on request.

Date: 11.01.2019

MH Construction
For The Attention of:
President Donald Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20500,

Wall Construction Specs: Precast concrete panels
Length 1950 miles
Height 40 feet (This would make it harder to tunnel underneath)
Transportation costs, labour etc included
Total concrete 19,765,778 cubic yds (precast concrete panels)

Estimated total cost for works: $21,873,415,047

Alternative design Spec: Lego
Lego Bricks needed: 3,011,802,738,726
Bulk buying at .10c each $301180273873
(labour costs to be advised)

Wall Construction Specs: Blockwork & render
700 miles long
20ft Height
1.8 Billion for footings
2 billion for blockwork
(these prices are inclusive of labour/bed and breakfast for men & waste removal from the site)
Please supply diggers and at least 20 portaloos for the workforce.
Estimated time for project: Approx 6 years.

Total cost: 3.6bn dollars


50% deposit paid on account for the work is required so material etc. can be ordered.
Please call to discuss an interim payment plan
The balance will be due immediately upon completion.

You should note that we have not performed a full inspection, we would obviously need to perform a site survey before any work commences. Call to discuss details. If further issues are found, they will, of course, be discussed with you before any action is taken.

This estimate is for completing the job described above.
It is solely based on our evaluation and does not include materials price increases or additional labour and or materials that may be needed should unforeseen problems or adverse weather develops following the start of the job.

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